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Training of "Employment in times of Economic Downturn"

Ukraine | YouthSpark Ukraine | 23 May 2009

Training participants execute a creative task
Implementation of creative tasks by training participants
A socio-economic crisis touched every Cherkasy family, sickly processes were sharpened and without to go: reduction of workplaces, threat of discharge, and, as a result, unemployment. Chance free of charge to complete training courses at the IDEA Educational Center in relation to employment opportunities became priceless support for many residents who found themselves in a heavy vital situation.
By implementation of training exercises and creative tasks the participants of measure got knowledge in relation to principles of creation a resume, maintenance of resume sections, and also knew that specifying is not desirable. The important was become by information on the conduct of interview with an employer is what as desirably to talk, how to answer question, how to present strong sides and avoid weak. No less ponderable was consideration of question of «language of body» and manners to talk, manner of conduct and what to look like.
Now there is a confidence, that market of search engines of work in town Cherkassy abbreviated at least on 20 persons which after participating in training, in spite of socio-economic position in the state, will get a deserving workplace. We wish them success.


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