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Russia | IT for Youth | 17 May 2016

During the last week of April 2016, in cooperation with Microsoft, PH International with its IT for Youth project hosted the DigiGirlz events in Russia! The events were held within Microsoft global initiative #MAKEWHATSNEXT and aimed at igniting girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers, and giving them the opportunity to discover their full potential with the help of technology and explore their possible IT-career paths.  The IT4Youth training centers in Novokuznetsk, Zheleznogorsk, Samara, Togliatti, Tambov, Volgograd, Kaliningrad and Rostov-on-Don carried out the diverse programs of valuable and fun events and activities, in which 2555 girls aged from 12 to 18 years learned about IT-careers, and got to know about Microsoft open opportunities and resources available for youth.

We brought together local women leaders in IT, female computer science teachers and students studying IT related courses on faculties of Information Technology in Russian universities, to ignite girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers.

During the events, girls took interactive technology tours and demonstrations, where they learnt about main technology trends and achievements in IoF, robotics, and 3D printing. Students had the opportunity to attend the workshops and have informal chats with IT business women, who shared their valuable experiences and answered many questions from the girls.

The students had an awesome time working through group projects during hands-on workshops to apply what they had learned about coding, web programing, robotics, mobile app and game development.

As a wrap up activity, girls were offered to visit career planning, skills and self -assessment sessions, where together with their mentors, they could explore the variety of IT-professions and different technology career paths; test their ICT skills and take an IT career guidance training, as well as to learn how to create their own career action plan and education roadmap.

All participants were provided with free Microsoft resources and learned about the opportunities and Microsoft programs for young people, which help to guide youngsters toward pathways of IT education and self- development, and #MAKEWHATSNEXT.  

Success Stories

Youngsters from the remote villages of the Kaliningrad region took a small step toward their future by participating in Hour of Code 2015. | 1 Mar 2016

For the second year in a row, the IT for Youth project training center in Kaliningrad had great success when participating in the Hour of Code campaign. This year the center has expanded the initiative to reach Russian youths in remote areas and inspire them to learn basics of Computer Science and coding.
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Senior School Students from Astrakhan created their first software application. | 5 Feb 2016

Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome. The programming courses that IT for Youth project offers to its young participants allowed the senior school students from Astrakhan to create their first software application and make a step forward on their way to an IT career.
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Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is | 16 Nov 2015

Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. The Russia-wide Master of Code contest for youth that was carried out by Microsoft Rus in collaboration with the Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project in March 2015 helped to reveal the next student tech genius!
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