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Two native English speakers were highlights of the ACCESS summer camp in Salavat, Republic of Bashkortostan

Russia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 23 Jun 2012

The English language summer camp in Salavat was held in the in-city format and lasted 3 weeks from the 1st till the 21st of June, 2012. This year Salavat Access summer was hosted by Lyceum # 1 again. Eleven children stayed in the camp from 9 am till 3 p.m.

The team of instructors included only one teacher – Guliya Shaykhutdinova, but this year the camp was privileged to have native speakers from the USA – Helen Burns, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, and Erik Lundell, English Language Fellow. Their wonderful presentations were aimed at contributing to the development of creative thinking, tolerant approach to different cultures, and raising intercultural awareness.

Learning about the English language and American customs and culture through games, the Internet, songs, video films, and competitions in school classrooms and on the play ground will be remembered for ever. The children were happy discussing American movies, learning new games and singing new songs, participating in “Free Hugs” activities, visiting Bashkir national festival Sabantuy together with Helen and going fishing with Erik.

Salavat summer camp did its best to create a positive attitude not only to the language and learning experience itself, but to the world of the language the students study as well.