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Students’ Action “We Support Tbilisi Zoo” | mt | 16 Jul 2015

On July 15, 2015 students from Tbilisi partner schools of MT program organized a charity action “We Support Tbilisi Zoo”. The action was aimed at supporting Tbilisi Zoo which was hit hard while June 13 Tbilisi flooding, leaving half of its animal inhabitants dead.  Students created more than 100 handmaid souvenirs from clay and organized their sale at one of the Tbilisi’s parks, near the subway station

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English Access Microscholarship Program 2015 Summer Camp (June 28-30, 2015) | access am | 6 Jul 2015

June 2015 was a month of highlights and intensive learning for 60 (54 core students and 6 alternative students) Armenian students enrolled in the Access English Microscholarship Program implemented by PH International. Throughout June 28-30, 60 high students and their teachers from 3 regional towns of Armenia, Nor Hachn in Kotayk region, Goris in Syunik region, and Chambarak in Gegharkunik region, the three program sites, got together with Mariam Martirosyan, PHI’s Program Manager and the support facilitators (Kristina Abrahamyan, the English instructor of Nor Hachn group, Margarita Abgaryan, the English instructor from Goris, and Asya Torosyan, the English instructor of Chambarak group) in a central camp in Aghveran, a regional resort complex, to participate in intensive English language summer camps organized within the two-year English Access Microscholarship Program. The program offers the only free-of-charge option for English classes in most of the participants’ communities.
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Financial Literacy for Social Responsibility Project Closing Ceremony | ge calls | 3 Jul 2015

On May 28, Financial Literacy for Social Responsibility held a final event. The project is supported by GE CALLS and the National Bank of Georgia, implemented by the Institute of Non-Violent Communication in partnership with Free University of Georgia.
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Students Support Children Affected by Tbilisi Flood | mt | 3 Jul 2015

On July 2, civics clubs students from Kaspi Gymnasium gathered in Vake Park in Tbilisi to organize fun activities for children, which were affected by Tbilisi flood and now reside in “Levil” hotel.

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Civics Students Support Street Children | mt | 30 Jun 2015

Tbilisi Waldorf school students implemented a mini-grant project “What is happening in streets?” The project aimed to support integration of children, living in streets into the society. 

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Civics Summer Camp in Bakuriani | mt | 29 Jun 2015

On June 21-25, 2015 Bakuriani’s hosted civics summer camp with participation of 80 students and 11 civics teachers from all regions of Georgia. Participation in a camp was a reward for those students, who made efforts to resolve the issues critical for their schools and communities, who led civics projects and participated in initiatives together with their peers and other parties. Camp helped students to learn more about civic activism, volunteerism and planning and implementing civic initiatives. The trainings, conducted in a camp, helped students to improve their presentation and communication skills, and learn how to advocate for themselves and their communities. Camp also offered activities for fun and leisure. 

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Georgia-Based Exchange Participants Meet with the representatives of local administrations, school principals, SROs, police and NGOs | ge play | 26 Jun 2015

GE PLAY Georgia team in close collaboration with the working group organized a meeting with the representatives of local administration, school principals, school resource officers and NGOs in each of the regions visited by the exchange group.

The largest-scale of such meetings/seminars took place in Tbilisi on June 23, 2015. GE PLAY program teamed up with GE CALLS to put together what can be called a multi-sectorial Seminar on the Role of Organized Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities in Juvenile Delinquency Prevention .

Ann Martin, Executive Director of PH International worldwide and Lia Gigauri, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia opened the seminar. In their speech they pointed out the importance of sharing experiences and new information and adapting those to local context. They also thanked the U.S. Department of State for funding such an innovative program and expressed gratitude to American delegation for their input and willingness to share. 55 persons representing local administrations, schools, police, SRO Department and NGO sector, attended the seminar.

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End of the Academic Year Event in Tbilisi | mt | 25 Jun 2015

On June 23, 2015 school-based civics clubs in Tbilisi participated in the event to present their work that brought the benefit to their schools and communities. Civics clubs displayed the photos and posters, featuring their initiatives for environmental cleaning and greening, advocacy efforts for disadvantaged groups of society and support projects for their peers in need. At the event, students also displayed Georgian literature that they have bought with funds earned from scrap collection and asked students in Azerbaijan to pass these books to their peers in Saingilo (a place in Azerbaijan where ethnic Georgians live).

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Georgia-Based Exchange Members Participate in Basketball Tournaments and Clinics | ge play | 24 Jun 2015

U.S. boys’ and girls’ teams had an opportunity to play against their Georgian peers and participate in Regional School-Based Street (3x3) Basketball Tournaments in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Zugdidi.

On June 22 the tournament took place in Tbilisi. 32 Georgian teams participated in the competition only 2 of which where girls’ teams. In order to provide the girls with as many opportunities to play as possible, it was allowed that they competed against the boys’ teams as well. The tournament lasted the whole day. Georgian counterparts defeated Guest boys ‘and girls’ teams in semi-finals. The school-based basketball team from Rustavi Public School #5 became the winner of the tournament.
On June 23, American basketball teams held friendly matches with U-16 National Basketball Team and won.

On June 25 and June 26, the guests played against the finalists and semi-finalists of the Regional School-Based Street (3x3) Basketball Tournaments in Kutaisi and Zugdidi. As there was only one team of host girls participating in the tournament in each location, American girls were given an opportunity to play against the boys’ teams. The American basketball teams won both in Kutaisi and Zugdidi.

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American Exchange to Georgia | ge play | 22 Jun 2015

GE PLAY Georgia hosted the American Exchange from June 21 through June 28 in order to reinforce previously established relationships between counterparts in Georgia and in the U.S. and develop new cross-cultural relationships among youth and adults. In support of the follow-on programs and action plans being conducted by Georgian participants, U.S. citizens traveled to Georgia to provide added technical assistance, conduct workshops, seminars, clinics and other events designed in function of the action plans taking place in Georgia. The nine-day exchange of 16 Americans provided additional support and momentum for the program activities that were being implemented in Georgia. The U.S. group included one girls’ and one boys’ basketball teams together with their coaches, two representatives from Police in Athletics League, two Police Officers, a School Resource Officer, and School Athletics Coordinator who visited the basketball events organized locally by police and SROs, played against local Georgian teams, and offered peer-coaching exercises. The U.S. youth athletes had various opportunities to connect informally with their Georgian counterparts and talked about how recreational sports leagues, in addition to school teams, make a difference in their lives
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