Macedonia legal
socialization project

Macedonia Legal Socialization Program (MAK-LSP) 2

Georgi Pulevski

Koco Racin


Lecture:   Protection of children's rights

Date:        01 Aprile 2013

Lecturers: professor Magbule Seizir and police officer Lulzim Vranovci


Naim Frasheri

Lecture:  Protection of children's rights 

Date:     25 March 2013

Lecturers: professors Agim Miftari, Mehmet Bektershi and police officer Sunaj Shabani


Hristijan Karpos

Lecture:              Protection of children's rights

Date:                 29 March 2013

Lecturers:           professor Sanja Jakimovska, Lidija Kostic and police officer Violeta Bogdanovska

Goce Delcev

Bratstvo Migjeni

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Macedonia Legal Socialization Program (MAK LSP)

The goal of the Macedonia Legal Socialization Program (MAK LSP) is to strengthen the understanding and respect youth have for the rule of law and reduce levels of juvenile crime and delinquency. MAK LSP addresses this goal through an approach that builds cooperative partnerships between youth, educators, law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals in mixed ethnic environments to implement a unique process of student centered experiential learning in schools.

The MAK LSP pilot program will reach 300-360 youth in three municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia, bringing together 30 teachers and 12 police officers as teaching teams to work with youth in schools, using a student-centered approach for the transfer of knowledge and skills on the law, legal processes and the revised Criminal Code in ways that build understanding and relationship.

The specific objectives of the project are (a) increased number of youth in Republic of Macedonia ( RM) have a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens; (b) partnerships among the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Interior and other relevant institutions result in a new curriculum for RM students that increases their awareness of the rule of law reform; (c) increased number of youth demonstrate a positive attitude towards respecting the rule of law, law enforcement and justice sector officials; and (d) improved cooperation among diverse ethnic groups in schools.
Merita Maksuti, Program Director
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Biljana Nastovska, Program Specialist
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