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Youth TechCamp Participants Ready to Teach Social Media for Social Change

During the 2013 Youth TechCamp each student developed an individual strategic action plan (SAP) framework to include specific and measurable goals, intended results, target audiences, potential challenges and resources. During the final Youth Techcamp session students determined what action steps need to be completed to achieve their goals. When determining each step, students identified specific and real organizations, individuals, venues and other resources to serve as the basis for their support system. “It’s like a puzzle- by the end of GNML it all comes together. You return to your home community with the whole picture. And then you can break it into pieces again and show other people how to make a picture from all these little pieces.” -Aleksandra Klevakova (Sasha) and Kamilya Isaliyeva

26 Students from 14 Countries Travel to VT for Youth TechCamp

We are excited to welcome 26 outstanding students from the GNML Online program to Burlington, Vermont today! During the Youth TechCamp students will combine the information and skills developed during the online program with new information from Youth TechCamp sessions to create individualized Strategic Action Plans (SAPs) for how they will teach others how to use social media for social change upon returning home. Students will gain valuable leadership, training, public speaking and presentation skills while learning about advanced social media tools and platforms. These skills and tools will help them as they implement their SAPs during the follow-on component of GNML.

54 Students Earn Certificates for the 2013 GNML Online Program!

This month 54 students from around the world will receive a Certificate of Completion from PH International and the U.S. Department of State in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the GNML Online program. Students who earned a certificate participated in and successfully completed all 10 GNML Online sessions. Over 6 months, students created social media for social change campaigns that used platforms such as Twitter, Blogger, Facebook and YouTube to advocate for social change in their local communities.

Students from 52 countries participate in PH's online program Global New Media Lab

December 2012 Statistics:

  •   571 YES/FLEX/A-SMYLE students from 52 different countries registered and enrolled in GNML Online
  •   351 students have actively participated online during the 2012 October-December reporting period
  •   675 responses have been posted to our classroom for sessions 1-4
  •   54 Youth TechCamp Applications were received by December 23

Student Comment:

Oh My Goodness! I have just started to work on my session no: 4, and it is awesome. The more I get to know, the more it makes me curious. It seems like I can be the hero of this world by the help of social media. This has been a favorite session of mine on the Third Planet. Thank you sir Rob and Ma'm Stacie for letting us to know more about social media by this session no: 4.
- CBabu

Global New Media Lab Goes Live 10/29!

We welcome students participating in the Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' academic exchange programs, YES/A-SMYLE/FLEX, to register and enroll in GNML online from October 17-October 28. Enrollment invitations will be emailed to students on October 17th with detailed information about GNML and instructions on how to enroll. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Stacie Clemens, Program Manager, via email at We look forward to 'meeting' you online!

For more information contact:
5197 Main Street, Unit 6 | Waitsfield, Vermont | 05673 | (802) 496-4545