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Success Stories

ELCE II Alumni Try Themselves as Teacher Trainers | elce | 1 Dec 2015

By the end of the first teacher training cycle, high performing alumni - Khatuna Khvedelidze from Tbilisi Public School #186 and Natela Basilia from Tbilisi Public School #82 were given a chance to teach the final ELCE workshop to their peers instead of the ELCE Program English Language Teacher Trainer.

The purpose of the activity was to give the two high performing ELCE participant teachers a chance to try the role of teacher trainers and conduct a workshop on Extra-Curricular Activities, Team-Teaching and Sharing of Resources to their peers. It was the first time that each teacher had been given the opportunity (and responsibility) to act as a trainer. Each had positive feedback to give regarding this experience.

Studying in the US Is Just a Step Away | access ge | 30 Nov 2015

Dianne Zhambakhidze was once a shy and silent student, but that was before she enrolled in Access. It took her nearly a year to find her voice, but now she is one of the most helpful and friendly members of the group. Peers admire her diligence and hard work and always pay extra attention to what she has to say in class when she answers questions and gives advice on homework problems.

All Big Changes Start Small! | ge play | 1 Nov 2015

“I’ll be happy to help but I have no idea of how to couch a basketball team; I don’t know even the basic basketball rules” said Tea Galakhvaridze, Tbilisi Main Police Department District Police Officer, when the GE PLAY program team approached her for the first time and requested for her to participate.

Two GE PLAY Basketball tournaments and a gold medal later Tea has a lot to say about coaching a school-based basketball team, the problems and needs of 3x3 street basketball in Georgia, youth counseling and the tricks to make them study and behave.
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