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DRR(Disaster Risk Reduction) Simulation at Merisi Boarding School

Georgia | Adjara Community Policing Initiative | 6 Jul 2016

Merisi Boarding School is located in a remote village in Keda region.  Students from neighboring villages stay there during week to attend Merisi Public School.  The area belongs to landslide zone and is vulnerable to many natural catastrophes. There are no primary risk management materials on place at the boarding school nor does it have evacuation plan. Although some teachers and principal from the public school had received some seminars on DRR previously, boarding school personnel never attended such seminars before and were relatively unaware on a DRR response mechanisms.  Merisi public school principal and local ACPI civics teacher organized community meeting in order to plan DRR simulation “evacuation of boarding school building during disaster”. DRR became very popular topic from the legal culture curriculum; police and teachers actively practiced their skills and modeled DRR during lessons.  That’s why it was decided to implement a simulation DRR at the boarding school bases and involve all ACPI police as a rescue team.

On July 6th, simulation of a disaster risk reduction took place at Merisi Boarding School. A group of boarding school teachers and administration gathered to attend one day event, facilitated by ACPI hired expert Mr. Ivane Grigolashvili from DRR CENTER. ACPI Police Officers assisted the facilitator in tutoring the event and demonstrated practical exercises, later police officers also took part in DRR simulation by performing rescue team functions.  Mr. Grigolashvili closely monitored the school building and infrastructure after which he hold mini-lecture on managing disasters on a school ground. Boarding School administration received information on first response mechanisms during earthquake and fire. It should be mentioned that ACPI 10 police officers took active part in a rescue process and also shared their experience of DRR simulation to the audience.

The event was planned by community members and the materials such as fire extinguishers, uniforms, hats, flashlight, and first aid box were distributed by ACPI staff. The event was also attended by the INL program coordinator from US Embassy Georgia, Ms. Nino Mardaleishvili and Mr. Gigla Mosidze Deputy Head of Adjara Police.