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Teachers and Police Organize Community Meetings

Georgia | Adjara Community Policing Initiative | 3 May 2016

Police officers and teachers from Adjara region have organized community meetings into their respective villages in order to plan community events. Police officers and teachers have gathered teachers, municipality representatives, school principals, physical education teachers and parents at schools to discuss the necessity of sports activities into their respective communities. The community meetings took place in April into following schools: Nigazeuli Public School, Daba Khulo Public School, Merisi Public School, Riketi Public School, Khikhadziri Public School. Community meetings will continue into the remaining program targets schools in May. Police officers and teachers took lead in facilitating the meetings. They spoke about the importance of involving youth into sports events and delivered the program expected outcomes to the audience. It should be mentioned that the invited community members expressed their interest to be involved into the events and discussed the format of the events. Community members agreed to organize “happy starts” competition in most of the schools. The competition involves different sports activities combined adapted to school settings, such as: skipping rope, sacks jumping, gymnastics and etc. Some of the schools decided to organize basketball competition. It should be mentioned that parents and local Mulism boarding school representatives at Daba Khulo School decided to participate into competition themselves and support students from each team. Community members acknowledged the importance of such events, as an alternative way for youth to be engaged into sports afterschool. Community events are important part of police-community relations component in Adjara Community Policing Initiative Program (ACPI), since it strengthens police-community partnerships and opens discussion platform for joint problem identification and problem solving. Joint discussions and planning format enables all community members to feel engaged and make decisions on the important aspects of their lives. Meanwhile they get used to work in partnership with police and strengthen crime prevention efforts.


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