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Students Visit Police Station in Khulo, Adjara

Georgia | Adjara Community Policing Initiative | 28 Apr 2016

On April 22nd students from Daba Khulo and Ghordjomi schools paid a visit to Khulo Police Station in frames of Adjara Community Policing Initiative (ACPI) program, which is funded by Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). Students visit was part of the community events component that envisages forming smooth partnership between police and community members in terms of organizing joint events together. The aim of community events is to ensure inclusion of all community members into the activities, provide a platform for joint decision making and problem solving and increase crime prevention efforts. Students met with inspectors, detectives and toured the station. They had the opportunity to try on some police uniforms and take on their work seats. The students enjoyed the experience greatly. They showed their excitement over the fact that they could interact with law enforcement representatives so easily and noted that their perception of police work had changed. Most of the students expressed their willingness to become police officers themselves and inquired information about the procedures of becoming a police officer in Georgia. Police inspector-investigators and detectives happily answered their questions and interacted with them, giving details about their duties and everyday work schedule. Students from both schools were accompanied by their civics teachers and ACPI program participant police officers. Students group compiled from 8th, 9th, 10th, grade students who attend ACPI legal culture classes at their respective schools. Legal culture classes are delivered by civics teachers and police officer. Transportation was organized by the school administration. In total 63 students benefited from the event, out of which 28 were female and 35 male students.


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