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News | Program: Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program

“Future Generation for Active Citizenship” | 13 Apr 2018

On April 4, 2018, Kobuleti City Hall hosted a conference “Future Generation for Active Citizenship” organized by students of Momavlis Taoba program’s partner schools in Adjara region. Students made a presentation of implemented projects: protection of environment, prevention of bullying, road safety, rights of people with special needs. The students also shared information about their future plans and activities.

Mr. Davit Mchedlishvili, the Chairman of Kobuleti City Council, attended the meeting. He appreciated students’ initiatives and promised to support them, he also shared information about the youth projects being implemented by Kobuleti City Council and invited the students to join them. 

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Students Met with Members of the Parliament of Georgia | 13 Apr 2018

On April 4, 2018, civics students of MT program 30 partner schools of Imereti region visited the Parliament of Georgia and had a meeting with Mariam Jashi, a Chairman of the Committee of Education, Science and Culture and her deputy Genadi Margvelashvili.

The issues concerning the education were discussed at the meeting. Members of the Parliament focused on the construction of new schools in the regions, arraignment of wheelchair ramps, better conditions for teachers and the importance of improvement of modern teaching methods through establishing digital technologies. Students also shared their plans and initiatives they want to be involved in.

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The Importance of Civic Education: Students Present Projects & Result | 13 Dec 2017

At the presentation held in Tbilisi’s Public School N186 on Wednesday, students presented their projects realized within the school’s civics club Delta, attended by representatives of the PH International Georgia office, and Laura B. Berger, USAID Georgia’s Democracy, Governance and Social Development Office Deputy Director, who, after being introduced to the students projects, answered their questions about the importance of civics education, sharing with them the existing practices, examples and experiences of civic participation of youth in the US.

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The Taste of Knowledge | 27 Oct 2017

Students and school administrators  at Sachkhere # 2 public school, with the support of parents, created a school cafeteria with the mini-grant funds. A kitchen space was renovated and the kitchen equipment needed to prepare meals and different dishes were purchased. Now, students as well as community members can study the culinary arts and conduct different activities such as cooking competitions and workshops. Volunteer parents and teachers are actively engaged and have developed a set of guidelines for the kitchen’s operation. 

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School TV Studio | 27 Oct 2017

Students of the Rustavi # 1 public school are implementing a mini-grant project called “School TV Studio”. The school administration fully supports the project and provides students with financial and technical support.

 Students, with the support of a local TV studio director, organized a series of trainings to develop journalism skills among their peers. In addition, they plan to develop short scripts and film stories on different topics that are of interest to youth. Part of the equipment needed for the TV studio was purchased with grant funds. 

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Movies in the Community | 27 Oct 2017

With the help of the school administration, students of Kutaisi # 7 public school decided to arrange a movie series at their school. The space and technical equipment were donated by the school administration and the projector was purchased with the grant funds. To support increased integration among the school and its community, students offer film screening on a variety of different topics. The films are selected in consultation with local interests and are based on the results of a survey.

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Guides’ Club | 27 Oct 2017

Students of Telavi European High School created a Guides’ Club at school for students to serve as tourist guides to locals and foreigners to see the sights of the Kakheti region. The students, with the help of school teachers, selected the youth guides and offered them free educational courses to gain the guiding skills necessary and to increase their awareness about local historical heritage sites. They plan to cooperate with guesthouse owners in Telavi town and to prepare and disseminate informational booklets about their service among the community. 

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Prevention of Early Marriage | 16 Oct 2017

Students of Kalinino public school organized an information campaign to increase students’ awareness about the bad influence of early marriage. 

The initiative was prioritized as there were many cases of early marriage in Azeri communities. Students interviewed local women who got married in their early ages and shot a bilingual (in Azeri and Georgian languages) a video. The students shared the video with other Azeri schools’ students. 

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Book – a source of knowledge | 12 Oct 2017

Civics club students of Misaktsieli public school decided to arrange a library and working space at the school. The project was supported by the school administration by providing the space. Students conducted a survey “My favorite book” and discussed their findings. o promote the importance of books, the students organized reading hours, announced a drawing contest “In the book world”, visited the central library, celebrated international day of books and met a famous Georgian writer, Aleksandre Didebashvili. 

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A Path towards Health | 4 Oct 2017

Students of Gachedili public school #1 decided to renovate a school gym. Students, parents and teachers took part in the cleaning action. Students met with representatives of Martvili Municipality and school administration to get additional money for gym rehabilitation. Martvili municipality donated 800 GEL and school administration, 600 GEL for the renovation activities. To promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, students and school administration organized a photo contest, disseminated fliers, organized a training “Sport and health” and sports competitions. Students from neighboring schools were also involved in the activities.

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