PH International

Youth Forum in Marneuli

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 20 Feb 2015

Students and civics teachers of MT program’s 14 partner schools took part in Youth Forum held in Marneuli. The Youth Forum provided students with opportunity to identify and prioritize the needs, critical for their schools and communities.

Participants of the Forum were divided into workgroups, which were facilitated by civics teachers. Workgroups identified and prioritizes problems and topics for discussion, such as needs for rehabilitation of a local infrastructure, the need for protection of children’s rights, environmental problems, healthy lifestyle, road safety, and the need for volunteering. Later students developed project ideas and presented them to the participants of the forum.

Students plan to continue working on each project and obtain support from relevant decision makers.

The Youth Forum was organized in the framework of USAID funded Momavlis Taoba Program, which implemented by PH International.