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Access Program Students Explore American Language and Culture through “Connect with English” Series

Georgia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 25 Apr 2012

On April 25, Akhaltsikhe Access Program students started to watch the series “Connect with English” - the film that explores American Language and Culture in 48 fifteen-minute-long episodes and serves as a great resource not only for improving English, but also increases the knowledge and awareness of American culture, values, and way of life.

Based on the episodes, Access students did following activities: learned colloquial expressions used in the film, assigned sub topic and titles to different episodes, predicted how the story would develop in the following parts of the film, described the episode characters, and after each episode, did the story mapping, writing short summary paragraphs on a piece of paper and hanging them on the wall in the order the events took place. As the Access students loved the experience and requested to do the same kind of enrichments regularly, similar sessions continued through May and June until the students saw all the episodes.


Success Stories

Studying in the US Is Just a Step Away | 30 Nov 2015

Dianne Zhambakhidze was once a shy and silent student, but that was before she enrolled in Access. It took her nearly a year to find her voice, but now she is one of the most helpful and friendly members of the group. Peers admire her diligence and hard work and always pay extra attention to what she has to say in class when she answers questions and gives advice on homework problems.
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Access Students Find Summer Jobs | 1 Sep 2015

Second rotation of the Access program in Adjara region of Georgia started with its own set of challenges. After consultations with PH, “Changes without Borders” the implementing partner of the Access program decided to cast the participatory net wider to the outer and more remote locations of Adjara. The level of education and achievement among youth, in those remote locations, is lower than that in the Batumi public schools. Although over 200 applications were received, general starting level of language competencies among the selected 25 Access students was dramatically low. The majority of students could hardly read in English
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Access Program Student Wins FLEX Scholarship | 19 Oct 2012

Nino Samdonidze, an Access Program student from Akhaltsikhe, became a Future Leaders’ Exchange Program (FLEX) participant. She left for the United States on August 7 to complete her secondary education at a High School in Ohio, living with a local family.
According to her recent communication with the Access Program Teacher in Akhaltsikhe, Shorena Merabishvili, the first couple of months have been positively overwhelming with excitement, information, meeting new people and getting adapted to new environment and culture.

In her e-mail addressed to her Access Program English teacher, Nino wrote: “The Access Program prepared me so well for this experience! All those meetings that we had with the FLEX alumni and all the opportunities to come closer to American culture are helping me now to beat the culture shock and settle in. My family and I will never stop feeling deep gratitude to the Access Program, which played a huge role in enhancing not only my English language skills, but also developing my self-confidence and leadership qualities and prepared me for my present experiences.”
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