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School civics clubs protect the rights of persons with disabilities

Georgia | Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training (ACETT) program for Georgia | 21 Apr 2011

On May 15, event “Democratic Universe” was held in Telavi with participation of ACETT partner schools in the Kakheti region. Event included presentation of student research about the protection of the rights of the people with disabilities in Telavi. Students have studied availability of ramps in different state and non-state organizations and businesses (including shops, groceries, pharmacies, etc). The results of the research, presented by students made it clear that 80% of organizations and businesses in Telavi do not have ramps available. Local Government representative, who participated in the event, asked students to submit the list of such organizations and promised them, that all listed organizations and businesses will be notified about the need of ramps by their buildings and it will be mandatory requirement for all new constructions. As a follow-up of this event, students plan to raise awareness of the local community about the rights of the people with disabilities and prepare and distribute promotional materials and video.