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ACETT Training of Teacher Trainers Completed

Georgia | Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training (ACETT) program for Georgia | 3 Feb 2011

From January 25-28, 2011, a training of civics education teacher trainers was conducted at the Centre for Training and Consultancy, in the framework of the Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program (ACETT). The event was instrumental in preparing ACETT trainers for their upcoming work with nearly 500 civics teachers throughout Georgia. Through teacher training sessions, instructors will help educators master international standards of civics education, develop skills in participatory teaching, create lesson plans that achieve curricular goals, and promote applied learning. Ms. Michelle Logsdon, Director of the Office of Democracy and Governance of USAID, and Mr. Giorgi Vashakidze, USAID Project Management Specialist, met with ACETT teacher trainers on the final day of the workshop. During the meeting, Ms. Logsdon highlighted the need for civics education in schools and the importance of applied learning to master principles of citizen engagement. The Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program is a three-year program funded by USAID and implemented by PH International.