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Kids, Cops & Safety


Starting from November 2015 new initiative of GE Calls program has commenced by taking community policing approach, bringing joy, interesting topics and friendly interaction with patrol officers and school students from 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

After intensive trainings in non-formal education, acquisition of the special module which is based on physical activities and games, linked to legal education, general safety concepts and other important values, after-class meetings have started in five schools of Tbilisi.  

The meetings are being led by patrol police officers,  together with SROs and teachers. The goal of the meetings is to establishment innovative police-community relations by 

raising awareness regarding such issues as: children’s’ rights, healthy lifestyle, road safety, conflict management and other.  Playful meetings enhance positive attitude of children towards law enforcement officers. 

On the first introductory meeting at school #176, there were police cars, motor bikes and patrol officers greeting children in the school yard after classes, kids even got a chance to sit and explore inside the police cars,  wear helmets, sit on the motor bikes and play cops for one day.

“By engaging with the police through such friendly activities, allows the children to trust and respect authorities”  – says one of the teachers.

Students of school #84 shared the same enthusiasm while meeting their patrol officer, “It’s a good feeling to know that police officers are there for us” – says 11 year old girl from school #84. 

After ice-braking, informational and energizing activities led by Patrol officer, kids where excited to chat, play and even take selfies with him. 


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