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Informal meetings with SROs and Police officers for elementary classes


In August 2015,  the trainer of youth center and informal education was hired by GE Calls to create detailed modules for SROs, teachers and police officers to facilitate the meetings with elementary school students. The goal of the meetings is to raise awareness regarding such issues as: childrens’ rights, healthy lifestyle, road safety, conflict management and other. Since the meetings are mostly led by SROs and patrol police officers together with teachers, this will enhance positive attitude of children towards law enforcers and  will help to develop friendly relationships with SROs.

In the beginning of November, GE CALLs delivered trainings, that was  attended by the teachers of fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes, SROs and Patrol police officers.  Each module of the meetings was discussed in details and rehearsed by the participants, through acquiring the methods of informal education.

Informal meetings will be based on physical activities and games that are linked to general concepts and important values.  The meetings will not take place  in classrooms settings and they will be led mostly by the SROs and police officers.


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