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First round of workshops resulted in 20 legal culture action plans submitted by schools from four regions of Georgia.

PH International Ge Calls team together with the leading civil education experts Nino Kvitaishvili and Giorgi Gakheladze have finalized the first round of GE-Calls workshops in four different regions Akhaltsikhe, Kashuri, Poti and Telavi. The workshops aimed to improve the awareness of school administration about the importance of legal culture at schools, to help them clarify priorities, define expected results and outcomes for each school, and identify the best approaches and activities to achieve desired results and outcomes.

The topics covered were: review of legal culture and discipline at schools, age-specific behavior, respective legal aspects, effective communication and cooperation within the school and with outside resources.

The representatives of schools were encouraged to share their experiences and problems with each other, made SWOT analysis of their schools in respect to the prevention of juvenile crime and delinquency and finally created and presented their action plans.
All participants showed the commitment to expand prevention activities in the schools. As a result, all the 20 schools have online submitted the legal culture action plans that were reviewed by the trainer experts and are ready to be implemented. School resource officers and 7th grade teachers from each school will be invited on the following training about the methods and ways of incorporation the legal culture lessons in the schools.
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