PH International

Mentorship Training for the Community Justice Centers

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 6 Dec 2010

On October 18-19, PH International organized training on mentorship for the board members of the ZANG Community Justice Centers (CJC) and university students. The training was facilitated by an educational expert from International Center for Human Development, Christina Sargsyan. The training sessions discussed the definition of mentoring, role of the mentors in the CJC reparative activities, mentoring skills and how to start and facilitate the whole mentoring process.

In addition to the ZANG mentoring manual materials, the training included demonstrations of a few videos and scenarios with examples of mentorship which sparked a lot of interesting discussion among the participants and gave good practical hints of how to effectively implement mentorship. Overall, the training was very interactive and was characterized by the participants’ active engagement in all the sessions. Each participant received a copy of the ZANG Mentoring manual. The university students were very excited to find out more about the work they would be doing with the CJC youth. With the help of the CJC team members, they will soon start their first mentorship experience at the Community Justice Centers.