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Trained Students Reparative Boards Will Operate in Five More Armenian Schools

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 15 Mar 2010

On January 2010, five new schools were selected for the implementation of the school-based Students’ Reparative Board (SRB) initiative. From Feb. 17- Mar. 11 60 SRB members, together with lead teachers nominated from secondary schools Vanadzor # 5, Alaverdi # 12, Gyumri # 7, Ijevan # 4, Tchambarak # 2 participated in preparatory trainings. During the three day sessions in each school, the students were introduced to their school bylaws, to principles of Restorative Justice, personal rights and responsibilities as well as conflict management. The principals of schools had open remarks during the sessions and expressed their interest in SRB activities and eagerness to cooperate with PH International.

Engagement of these new schools in the regions envisages promoting a more productive cooperation between the schools and ZANG Community Justice Centers (CJC). This will also extend the scope of services provided to the regional youth with risky behavior in the communities. It can also help the schools to address the students’ misbehaviors by developing peer mediation and mentoring skills and sense of personal responsibility among the students. The Board members of the ZANG Community Justice Centers had their significant input during the trainings, by sharing their CJC experiences and conducting some sessions throughout the training. Their participation in the role-plays and group activities presenting the restorative processes added a special value for the students. As a result of dynamic and active interaction between students and teachers, new ideas were proposed for joint initiatives between the SRBs and CJCs.

The five new School-based Students’ Reparative Boards will operate starting from March 2010. With the support of their adult colleagues in ZANG CJCs they will work towards reducing the level of youth delinquency in their school communities.