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ZANG Program Opened the 11th Community Justice Center in Armenia

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 26 Oct 2012

On October 11, 2012 in cooperation with the Armenian Police and the “Family and Community” NGO in Metsamor, PH International opened the second CJC in Armavir region, with this extending the number of operating CJCs in Armenia to 11.

The “Family and Community” NGO was recently created from the staffing of the benevolent organization Zangakatun that has for many years operated in Metsamor, implementing diverse projects with socially vulnerable families. PH International and Zangakatun had a successful history of cooperation. Now, the restructured organization, hosting ZANG program's CJC, will continue its work with youth, including juveniles in conflict with the law.

The opening of the CJC in Metsamor was attended by the representatives of Armenia Police, Regional administration, schools and community members. Before the round table addressing the social, cultural and educational challenges of youth in Metsamor, Grace Bishop Sion Adamian, Bishop of the Armavir Diocese blessed the site, wished good luck to the new CJC team and promised them the cooperation of the church.

The participants of the event stressed the importance of launching a CJC in Metsamor, as this community has many social and legal problems and the restorative activities of CJC and other social programs implemented by “Family and Community” NGO will stimulate the participation of the community in crime prevention activities and engage community members in offering meaningful response to youth reported in non-violent crimes, thus enhancing the community safety.

Metsamor CJC is the 11th and the last CJC established within the ZANG Legal Socialization Program. The other 10 ZANG CJCs operate in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Alaverdy, Ijevan, Chambarak, Talin, Kapan, Ejmiatsin and Artashat.