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The Expansion of the ZANG School Reparative Board Project

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 8 Oct 2009

In August - September 2009, ZANG Armenia Legal Social Program organized trainings for the lead teachers and students of 5 Yerevan newly selected schools (schools # 12, 18, 83,188, 197, and,) participating in the ZANG School Reparative Board (SRB) initiative. The training for the SRB lead teachers was held on August 22. The teachers were introduced to the ZANG project activities, the Restorative Justice the principals and the SRB objectives. The training was facilitated by Karine Samvelyan, ZANG teacher and the coordinator of the ZANG first SRB at Yerevan school # 69 and Dzyunik Vanesyan, ZANG program coordinator. In addition, ZANG Gyumri Community Justice Center coordinator and psychologist Armine Gmyur-Karapetyan presented to participants some aspects of youth behavior focusing on physical and physiological causes of youth problems and misbehavior. She also shared their experience of working with youth at the Gyumri Community Justice Center.
Following the teachers’ training, three-day training sessions were organized for 50 students, reparative board candidates of the selected schools. The training included the following sessions:

  • Objectives of School-based reparative board
  • Restorative Justice concepts
  • Introduction to school bylaws
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Offence and misbehavior
  • Conflict Management

    Throughout the trainings the SRB trainers were assisted by the ZANG first SRB members, students of Yerevan secondary school # 69 who willingly shared their experience with the new participants. Examples of the most common students’ school misbehavior cases such as truancy, small thefts, damaging school equipment, smoking and drinking alcohol were discussed and the participants got involved in the restorative process through role-plays and group activities. Overall, the trainings were characterized by the participants’ enthusiasm and active engagement in all the sessions.
    The SRB project is implemented in close collaboration with school administrations and the objective of this initiative is to help the students feel connected to the school community by involving them in the activities, ensuring the school safety, making them to respond to students misbehavior, repair the relationship that are damaged in the community by increasing the awareness of their rights and responsibilities and developing peer mediation and mentoring skills. It is planned that from October 2009 through March 2010 the 5 newly established School-based reparative boards will operate with the support of PH International and after gaining enough skills and experience will continue their SRB activities in a self-sustainable manner.