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PH-PRI Cooperation

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 10 Oct 2011

On September 26 the Penal Reform International Armenia office, which has recently launched a new program – Juvenile Justice Project – had requested a joint event with Project Harmony Armenia ZANG program staff to share the ideas and best practices obtained by PH since the start of ZANG project implementation.

The meeting was held in the training format and was attended by ZANG CJC and PRI CJC professionals. The more experienced participants were able to discuss and present to the newly established CJCs staff from Abovyan and Yerevan the lessons learned, successes and challenges occurred during their daily work.

Discussions were held on the major differences of CJC and other community centers working with juveniles. Restorative Justice main principles were stressed as an important tool while working with young offenders.

All participants have mentioned the importance of cooperation, networking and joint efforts towards Juvenile Justice Advocacy campaign in Armenia. PH International and PRI agreed on development of training courses for all CJCs and partners.

The juvenile department officers who closely cooperate with Yerevan ZANG CJC and were present at the meeting also mentioned the importance and necessity of existence of such resource as CJC in each community.

Prior to the meeting the members of the newly established CJCs had a chance to visit Gyumri CJC and locally observed the work. There are more trips planned to visit other CJCs as well.