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The 8th ZANG Community Justice Center in the South of Armenia

Armenia | ZANG Armenian Legal Socialization Project | 31 May 2011

On May 24, 2011 one more Community Justice Center opened in Armenia as a result of successful partnership between PH International and World Vision (WV). The new ZANG CJC was established in Kapan city, under the auspices of the local Community Child Development Center where the Restorative board, trained by PH International, will provide reparative services to the local youth with delinquent behavior. 

The Community Child Development Center was a few years ago created in Kapan by World Vision Armenia and is currently funded and coordinated by Kapan Municipality. The CJC is only one of the 3 units of the Center that will provide different kinds of services to youth in need.

The official opening of the Community Child Development Center, including the launch of the CJC, was preceded by the round table in the town hall, initiated by WV Armenia and aimed to present the current situation of the Child’s Rights Protection in the region. The heads of regional administration, the Child Protection Unit, Education Department, Law Enforcement representatives, school principals, and many others present discussed the on-going works, successes and challenges. The official guests from the Armenian Police, Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, UNICEF and Penal Reform International were also present at the event. The meeting was facilitated by Lala Ghazaryan, Head of the Department responsible for Family, Children and Women’s issues within the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, who mentioned the importance of successful collaboration between all parties involved in Child’s Rights Protection activities.

Colonel Nelly Duryan from Armenian Police stressed the importance of starting a CJC in Kapan, as this is another step for engaging parents and community members in achieving restorative justice and offering meaningful response to Armenian youth reported in non-violent crimes, thus enhancing the community safety.

Mariam Martirosyan, Country Director for PH International - Armenia office welcomed the participants of the event and briefly presented the activities of PH International in Syunik region since year 2000. She also talked about the role of the ZANG program in developing the CJC model and promoting the concepts of Restorative Justice in Armenia.

This is the 8th ZANG Community Justice Center initiated in Armenia by PH International’s ZANG Armenia Legal Socialization Program, which was created by the support of and in collaboration with Armenian Police. The component of CJCs is ratified in the Armenia’s National Program of Child Protection.