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"Non-Violent Parenting and Conflict Resolution" training

Armenia | Armenia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization | 20 May 2015

Throughout April 14-17, 2015 within the AM CALLS program, a 4-day training of trainers (ToT) on “Non-violent Parenting and Conflict Resolution” was organized for 14 regional trainers. The trainers who were mainly sociologists, social workers and educators, were selected from the 7 sites where currently the AM CALLS program is active: Yerevan, Ejmiatsin, Metsamor, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Tchambarak and Kapan. The training was conducted by Anush Aleksanyan,an experienced psychologist,training expert at the National Institute of Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of the RoA and the Founding Director of the psychological center “Yerkusov” (www.

The trainers learned core skills of positive parenting and alternatives to violence exercised against children.Topics covered during the training included:ages of crisis for children; age peculiarities; fundamental rights of the child; parenting, conflict and management of emotions, violence and prevention.The training was interactive and engaging, full of group works, role plays, film screenings and presentations following each other, which made learning fun.

The participants received for their own use a copy of the manual “Prevention of Violence against and Maltreatment of Children in Families” developed within the AM CALLS program by Anush Aleksanyan, along with additional copies to be distributed to the other specialists who will be trained by the 14 regional trainers.

The training concluded by the trainer’s rhetorical question to the audience, “Did you notice that we covered the topic of violence, without even once pronouncing the word “violence”? The examination of violent behavior without heavy rhetoric on violence made the training practically helpful and easily applicable.

“When I was selected, I wondered if I could find something new and interesting for me in these topics considering my frequent participation in similar trainings organized by different international organizations. Now I have to state that I am really excited and surprised as this was something different, unique, as even things which were not new for us, were presented in a new and unique way”, mentioned one of the ToT participants.

At the end of the training the 7 pairs of participants, two from each regions, developed their own training outlines based on which they successfully conducted a 2-day training for the 10-12 community-based educators, social workers psychologists, and juvenile police officers(a total of 70-75 specialists) recruited from their respective regions.


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Over Twenty Syrian- Armenian women participated in the training organized in Yerevan by the two trainers who had recently completed training in “Non-Violent Parenting and Conflict Resolution” within the AM CALLS project. This initiative was the basis for an effective collaboration between “Save the Children” working with Syrian Armenians and PH International staff.
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On March 9, within the AM CALLS project, the “Offenders' Rehabilitation Center” State Non-Commercial Organization of the RA Ministry of Justice (MoJ) organized an event called “Motherhood and Childhood” at the Abovyan penitentiary where female convicts carry out their sentence. During the event, over ten children arrived to the penitentiary from different regions of Armenia to meet their mothers and celebrate International Women’s Day with their mothers.
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