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Local NGOs Implement Small Grants Projects within the AM CALLS Program

Armenia | Armenia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization | 24 Feb 2014

The winners of the AM CALLS Program Small Grants call are already selected. A total of 10 NGOs representing 10 Armenian communities launched their projects: “Dilijan branch of Bridge of Hope” with its “Jointly and equally“ project the objective of which is to raise the legal awareness of the students, teachers and parents and promote school-teacher-parent partnerships; “Young Tavush”, with its “Raising legal and civic awareness to reduce risky behavior cases“ project the objective of which is to raise legal and civic awareness of students from 15 communities in Ijevan, Noyemberyan and Berd in order to reduce risky behavior cases among the difficult juveniles; “Partnership and Teaching”, with its project “My right of being protected” the objective of which is to reveal and prevent cases of violence towards the juveniles and raise juvenile awareness on their rights; “Kapan Child Center”, with its project “ Promoting the rule of law”, the objective of which is to prevent juvenile crime, promote juvenile offenders' reintegration in the society, develop a tolerant and fair community equipped with legal knowledge, “Dignified Generation”, with the project “Legally aware citizens” the objective of which is to work with the juveniles to develop individuals adhering to proper mental and behavioral norms posed by the society, “Children’s Support Center”, with the project “Juvenile offense: prevention and integration, the objective of which is to have society without juvenile offenders in Hrazdan community through reducing the re-offense rate and promoting criminal justice system in Armenia based on children rights.

As a follow up of successful cooperation between PH International and the Ministry of Justice, a separate project was proposed and submitted by the state non-commercial organization “Special Art Center for Juvenile Offenders” operating under the MoJ. A mini-grant was nominated to the center for the implementation of a leadership and personal growth project for a group of children from families in which one of the parents is currently a prisoner.

Throughout January and February 2014, PH Armenia staff have conducted a number of monitoring visits to the project sites to ensure fluent implementation of the small grants component. So far the process goes fluently without any major challenges.

Within the project “ Juvenile offense: Prevention and Integration” the “Support to children” fund organized a number of presentations for different target groups to present them the project and discuss their role in the project. The meeting with the participation of the main stakeholders including those from the department of the Family, Women and Children issues at local municipality, head of juvenile police department, as well as community members focused on the effective cooperation of all the institutions and organizations involved in the child protection issues to address or prevent juvenile delinquency in the region. The participants expressed their willingness to contribute in the process by providing available resources and maximum support.

Dilijan branch of Bridge of Hope is a well known NGO in Tavush region. Series of seminars and trainings designed for the youth, their parents and the teachers of Dilijan high school address such actual topics as difficult life situations and the way of handling them, parent-school partnerships and its benefits, school and its role in socialization, etc. The trainings for parents are very effective not only because they touch such important issues as how to deal with difficult juveniles or children with disabilities, but also they have became an opportunity for the parents to regularly meet and share their common problems and small stories with each other.

Visit to the NGO “Dignified Generation” in Gavar which implements the project in Gavar high school was also very productive. Trainings conducted by the civics teachers and the policeman for 35 youth were designed in an interactive way covering such topics as police and its role, child rights, tolerance, aimed at raising the awareness of the youth on their rights and changing their attitude towards the law enforcement.

On February 14, the NGO from Syunik region “Partnership and Teaching “ organized a regional forum within its project “My right to be protected” the goal of which was to identify and prevent violence cases against juveniles in Syunik region. During the forum the results of the sociological survey conducted among the juveniles, parents and teachers of the targeted communities of Goris, Sisian and Kapan cities were presented. After the presentation the stakeholders were asked to provide recommendations for addressing the identified problems. Participating in the forum were Syunik student council network, human rights NGO representatives, psychologists, other interested parties.

AM CALLS staff was excited with the visit to the non-commercial organization “Special Art Center for Juvenile Offenders” operating under the MoJ. It was wonderful to observe the friendly atmosphere created by the joint efforts of the staff, where children were open to express their opinions on different life situations, discuss their feelings and receive helpful advice. During the training on the child rights they created a tree of the rights and learned about the structures involved in protection of human rights currently operating in Armenia.


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