PH International

Board of Directors

Claudia Candido

Claudia Candido has over 25 years as a convener, facilitator, and group moderator globally, nationally, and locally. She is a professionally certified (PRC) qualitative marketing research specialist and certified convening leader (CCL) in the Art of Convening™ (AoC). She has co-pioneered experiential AoC learning approaches and co-founded a vibrant Community of Practice among AoC graduates. In addition, Claudia is trained in the asset-based questioning approach, Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Claudia is passionate about creating appreciative environments where people feel valued, where authentic engagement is cultivated - leading to deep relationships of trust, and where creativity and inspiration thrive in service of the greater good. Claudia has sponsored children through the British-based organization, Action Aid, and had an Armenian high school student live with her and her family, first through PH International’s DOTCOM program, and then through FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange).