01.09.2015 | Access Students Find Summer Jobs

To help the students develop faster, Access program teacher in Adjara region, Katie Papava-Lobzhanidze, together with Fulbright Volunteer Erick Jackson, decided to add six more volunteer hours a month to the usual meeting time. The result was impressive. Over a year students that could not read in English, let alone engage in any meaningful conversations, improved their language competences to the extent that positively affected their grades at school. This also helped them find summer jobs as waitresses and tour guide assistants in Batumi, a the city that is swarmed by tourists in summer. Some of the students managed to keep the part-time jobs even after the summer was over. “My teachers (Keti and Erick) believed in me and made me believe in myself” admitted Anna Putkaradze, a student that commuted an hour or more, from her village, each way in order to get to the Access class in Batumi. “I am able to help my family now,” Anna added proudly. “International customers are willing to pay a good tip if you speak with them in English and explain a couple of items on the menu. I am really happy to do this as it gives me an extra chance to practice my English. We have just bought our first television set and are planning to save for a computer in the months to come,” she smiled. “Also, I have really high hopes for the University Entrance Exams. I’ll definitely choose English as one of the subjects” she finished.
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