17.12.2012 | ELCE Program English Program Teacher Trainer Facilitates Showing of the Movie in Gori

On December 17, Access students gathered to watch a Christmas movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Bean”. Showing of the movie was facilitated by Sonja Follett, ELCE Program ELTT. As a pre-watching activity, Sonja divided students into groups of five and gave each group a set of questions and new words together with hints to guess the meaning.

Students had to come up with the answers to the questions and guess the meaning of the new words. The answers to the questions as well as the meanings of the words suggested by each group were recorded on the flipchart. Groups scored for each correct answer.

For the while-watching activity, each group received similar sets of questions, which they had to answer while watching the film. After the film finished, the facilitator jumbled the groups to allow students check and compare their answers and engage in group and class discussions about the movie and the Western Christmas traditions they saw in the film.

Students took part in activities about the different movie genres and movie language as well as how to write reviews and categorize movies. Finally, four groups of students created movie posters about the film they saw using the new information (genre, director, review) to present to their classmates. After each group presented their movie posters, students took part in a vote to choose their favorite poster.
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