20.11.2012 | English Language through Civic Education program English Language Teacher Trainer (ELTT) Thomas Mallet Speaks About the Regional Dialects and Accents in the United States

On November 20, Access Program in Ozurgeti organized an enrichment activity on the regional dialects and accents in the United States. Among the guests were Yaroslava Petrova, U.S. Embassy /PAS Cultural Attaché, Jerrold Frank, Regional English Language Officer (RELO) for Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova; and Tea Kuchukidze, Educational and Professional Programs Coordinator of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi.

The enrichment activity was led by PH International’s U.S. Embassy funded English Language through Civic Education program English Language Teacher Trainer (ELTT) Thomas Mallet. During the session, students listened and practiced American English dialects from various regions of the United State. Apart from accents and dialects, students also learned about local food and music, popular cities and touristic sites, traditions and cultural differences between different states and regions of the U.S.

During the second part of the session, students worked in groups to prepare presentations about the regions, dialects, customs, and traditions of various parts of Georgia. The presentations included information about the national costume, most popular food, music, national costume, and jokes of the given region.

Discussion of the topic of diversity and multiculturalism concluded the day. ELCE program ELTT Thomas Mallet introduced the concept of multiculturalism and let the students ponder on the examples diversity in their own classroom or generally in Georgian life.
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