11.11.2012 | Access Program in Zugdidi hostes an Enrichment Activity on the Topic of Countries and Nationalities.

On November 11, Access Program in Zugdidi hosted the very first enrichment activity for Access Program students on the topic of Countries and Nationalities. Among the guest speakers were Peter Bohan, PH International’s English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) Program teacher trainer and Robert Eilam, Ministry of Education and Science’s Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) Program volunteer.

The guests delivered presentations on their home states of California and South Carolina, talked about customs and traditions in their home country and challenged the students to think about similarities and differences between American and Georgian cultures. Students eagerly engaged into the discussion and despite the difficulty of expressing themselves fluently in English, they managed to convey ideas and overcome the complex of communicating in a foreign language.

During the session, students and guests discussed diversity and multiculturalism as well. Peter Bohan showed the students examples of other cultures in their own classroom and in Georgian life.

The enrichment session was concluded by a reading activity. The guests encouraged the students to do pre-reading, during reading and post-reading exercises based on the text -”American Diversity: ‘It Takes All Kinds of Trees to Make a Forest’ “. In the pre-reading activity, students had to guess what the reading passage would be about based on the title. In the during-reading exercise, children had to underline the sentence they thought was the main idea of the paragraph; circle specific examples that supported the main idea of the paragraph; and circle any words whose meaning they were not sure of. In the post reading activity, students had to answer the text comprehension questions and discuss the author’s opinion about diversity.

The session was student-centered and interactive and allowed for combining education with fun.

“I have never had such an interesting and fun lesson in my life” – admitted one of the Access Program students from Zugdidi Sophie Molashkhia. “When I applied to participate in this program, I had no idea they could make the learning so enjoyable and easy”, she added.
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