10.06.2011 | Access Program in Rustavi Discuss 20th Century American Classical Music

On June 10, the American Corner in Rustavi hosted a presentation delivered by an English Language teacher, Philip Tappan, for Access Program students. Mr. Tappen, who visited Georgia through the Georgian government-sponsored project "Teach and Learn with Georgiaā€¯, introduced the topic of 20th Century American Classical Music to a group of 25 Access Program students, teachers and Peace Corps Volunteers in Rustavi. The audience listened to music by famous American composers: George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, and Aaron Copland and discussed the influence new popular music exerts on the world of music. Access students shared the ideas on their favorite composers and singers and agreed that American and Georgian youth like pretty much the same kind of music.
English Access Microscholarship Program in Georgia
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