19.09.2011 | Akhaltsikhe Access Program Students Enjoy a Movie Day

On September 19, Access Program in Akhaltsikhe carried out the showing of a film called “Soul Surfer”. Before showing the movie, Access Program English Teacher made a brief presentation on leadership followed by a pre-watching activity during which the teacher discussed the title of the film with the students and provided them with the vocabulary and tips on what to pay attention to while watching the film.

After watching the movie, the Access Students discussed the inspiring true story that the plot of the film was based on; they spoke about the difficulties of life, spirit of leadership and the importance of family. The final part of the enrichment session was devoted to a discussion of the topic of leadership. Access Program students talked about the world leaders of past and present times, brainstormed on the qualities a good leader should have and identified several types of leaders. Conclusions the students made by the end of the day include but are not limited to the following major statements:

• It takes a lot of courage to turn around your life and achieve your goals, even when you are fully functional, healthy human being;

• When the family is supportive, mountains can be moved;

• Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility and if you are not ready to take responsibility not only for yourself, but also those you lead, you should never ever think of becoming a leader.

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